Sunday, October 26, 2014

Chelsea's Review of "The Bonobo Way" by Dr Susan Block, PhD

Chelsea Demoiselle with the author of "The Bonobo Way" Dr Susan M Block, PhD
A MUST READ. PERIOD. "The Bonobo Way" is the sexual "Artist's Way." It is a classic guide for anyone to get their groove back. Kind-hearted, playful, peaceful and very sexual, the real bonobos set the stage for a human revolution.  You will learn a lot about bonobos in this book. But you will also learn about yourself. "The Bonobo Way" lets the sunshine in! 

Dr. Susan  Block, a Yalie with a PhD in sexology who helped start Sex Week at Yale, uses the example of the bonobos to show us a path to our higher selves. In her "12 steps to Releasing Your Inner Bonobo," she admonishes us not to let anyone kill our inner bonobos! Yes there are haters but they aren't worth coddling in this take-no-prisoners, very sexy guide to bonobos, humans and making a better world, with something for everyone.   
It can double as a creative unblocker as well. I call it the DIY guide to freedom and effectiveness as your optimal self. Addictions just melt away as one begins to thaw out your formerly hidden frozen needs. They CAN be fulfilled and "The Bonobo Way" undoubtedly will go viral. 

If you're like me, you will keep this book open and use it as a daily meditation--or 'medibation' as Dr. Block says--a step-by-step guided-imagery combination of masturbation and meditation that calms and empowers you to find your own truly unique "bonobo way." To illustrate her 12 Steps, Block shares firsthand experiences guiding subjects around the world at her one-of-a-kind phone sex therapy institute, including many juicy details, from a client's breakthrough fantasies which reversed his ED problem to her own hot bareback sex scene while galloping through a meadow with her lover doing her doggie style!  

On a serious note, the real bonobos are very endangered. They are being slaughtered as "bushmeat" so the book hopes to inspire our personal consciousness and integrity to save them in the Congo. I know, I'm inspired! All in all, "The Bonobo Way" is a fantastic yet down-to-earth, essential and pleasure-filled page-turner on how to save the planet and keep your verve, vim and vigor while doing it. 

Pre-order on Kindle or buy a ticket to the prelaunch party and be slated for a free autographed hardcopy!

Details here.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Submissive Secretary By Day ... LA / NY

Beautiful, Intelligent, Business-Savvy Assistant By Day ...
Office work and administrative assistance / light housekeeping. Available weekdays 11am to 2pm. Can bring in gourmet lunch as I am also a chef and organic chocolatier. Drama free, punctual and personable. Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

Los Angeles, CA 323-544-5381
New York, NY 646-480-0332
Chelsea Demoiselle 2014
Or, elegant discreet submissive for your high protocol dinner or other occasion by night. ~Chelsea Demoiselle hours negotiable

Ms Demoiselle serves at a high protocol dinner as a consensual service slave in Seattle, WA 2012. Photo Copyright applies.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Put Me In My Place ... ?

Step 1: Call and purchase your minutes using a major credit card. 310-568-0066 (12 min. minimum $3.00/minute or $4/min webcam).
Step 2: Staff will prepare Chelsea and connect you LIVE.
Step 3: Enjoy your time knowing it is safe and secure and that each time you call you become known by the Dr Susan Block Institute for Erotic Arts & Sciences to develop a VIP status. (VIP status allows your call to be put through to a therapist more rapidly; please do ask about this.)
Chelsea Demoiselle awaits your directive ... or she will give you a hint if she must!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Morning w/ Chelsea #1

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Check In

Some of you who know me and some are just getting acquainted with me. I've become residential instead of "at large" the past week or so at Bonoboville. It's sort of like coming home for me. And it feels like I've been on the road for way too long.

Spent a lot of time on rebranding myself, ordering business cards and setting up the social media profiles over the past few days. Got my day job lined up and made some sales in my healthfood business. Now I need to get signed up for the gym and for nearby social and recovery-type meetings.

I got a personal call today that was both upsetting and promising. I then was having such technical difficulty that I basically avoided it all and had a pajama day--which now it is all getting addressed. I downloaded a computer cleanup service for my computer and I already can tell it is faster and they aren't done yet. It's a trip having a technician remotely fixing the computer but it is a good deal.

I'm proud of myself because at first they tried to get $299 out of me and then $269 and then I got them to reveal the $29.99 offer! Thankfully I held out for that.

Sometimes you have been so wound up for so long that when you finally realize you are going to settle down for a bit you can get really zonked for a day or two. It's just all that relief that you're going to get your routine up and running again and that life is going to take off in some very good ways as you put down some roots.

I love being a resident bonobo and therapist at the Dr Susan Block Institute... I'm revving up this computer so it is as responsive as possible for clients!

And I am looking into some outside realtime venues for inperson realtime clients so if you have been wondering how to see me in person, private message me. I am a fetish and kink consultant as well as alpha slave with a mean streak. This should suffice for any who don't know the difference between that and a Domme. You don't have to know that I am not a Domme in my private life. I wouldn't mind taking out some of my tension and frustrations on you if that is what pleases you. See how twisted all this can get? :)

Call 310-568-0066 and the front desk will find your existing client card and put me on the line or you can register as a new client please ask for me--Chelsea Demoiselle--to credit me with you signup. Thank you.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day #2 and YOU are invited to Bonoboville for Speakeasy Opening ...

It was a good day in Bonoboville LA today … sunny, and the patio is fresh with Miguel watering it down so the palm trees, red geraniums and the aloe vera are all glistening and exhaling their fragrances. The sculptures seem to bask in the moonlight. Mermaids and gargoyles abound amidst ticking clocks for London, New York and LA … And we have been moving the show downstairs into the new studio space.

Speaking of the new Speakeasy, you are Invited! Yes, the November 8th PARTY HERE starting at $20 with VIP options via the FunRaiser. There will be several dress rehearsals before the show resumes in approximately two weeks. The FunRaiser has been launched so please visit and pitch in! AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST Dr Suzy's book launch. The staff is pulling together to give her editors more time for the last push before publishing! You can get a copy of the mind blowing, The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace Through Pleasure.

Fun today. Yom Kippur which Dr Suzy observes is in full swing by fasting and being a sweetheart letting the staff know that anything can be forgiven today so confession time!! No one had anything bad thankfully…

Creative Ideas abound today as well--Dr Suzy has a game up her sleeve for the betterment of the Bonobos in the Congo as well as in the US--Additionally i was contacted by several very influential people in my life today.

FACEBOOK had blocked the website and a whole process had to be gone through, the website had been hacked. Gonzo and Dom were getting the McAffee list correspondence complete…

And to top it all off, a client was sweet enough to do my numerology yesterday… i'm at a one year which is the beginning of a new nine year cycle…everything i put energy into will blow up the next nine years so i'm cautious what I put my attention to.

<3 chelsea thank you Universe. i am grateful. 

We had good food, good wine and good song will be coming up; my electric guitar is in the trunk just need an amp …

YOGA CAM: Cumming Soon. After being encouraged around the bonoboville kitchen table by the higher-ups, I guess you can also look for my at-home DIY yoga classes here targeted for support for fellow submissives and free spirits alike and we have some other ideas to bring you a reliable 24/7 web series of live shows, free which would encourage more call-ins.… all in the idea stages but can be implemented very quickly so stay tuned

I'm Chelsea Demoiselle and I am a therapist at the Dr. Susan Block Institute for Erotic Arts and Sciences 310-568-0066

You are Invited! the November 8th PARTY HERE starting at $20 with VIP options if you join the FunRaiser for the sexy new Speakeasy Studio. 
Dear Daily Blog Journal #2 Chelsea here.
We are talking about the live Google + hangout. We have just launched the fundraiser for the new studio space.
I'm sitting here talking with Gonzo about some exciting things going down here at Bonoboville and The Dr Susan Block Institute TV show.
We are moving the studio.
Gonzo said that i'm super dope actually for starting the blog daily post.
What did we do today. Dom Dread (or rather a ghost who does not exist) fought a few fires and moved the studio.
And that was one thing that we were in the jungle and had to fight a few wildfires and had to move @RadioSuzy1 keeping the lions and tigers tame.
And part of the great day was that the landlord really loves us and was begging us to not leave.
So on point though.

You are Invited! the November 8th #bonoboville PARTY HERE starting at $20 with VIP options if you join the FunRaiser for the sexy new Speakeasy Studio. 

Dom was out to lunch though he missed it. The tour visitor was hot. I released mojo all over his hands when I introduced myself in the kitchen. I might have made an impression. Maybe not.
I said I'm really happy since I've been living here and Dom said he could fix that. I said do you promise.
Everything is free in a way. What you do is a life.
Gonzo is saying all this about life and what is free or it is what the person does what he does.
Now I'm more relaxed because good clients / possible Doms are in touch plus really close friends, my day job is starting back up; my residual income is picking up slowly but surely and i got the bejeezus scared out of me by some radical clients i only mention because this place is badass. That is all.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Yom Kippur … My First Pro Cam Night ...

It's Yom Kippur … a time to forgive and put the past behind …

Also my first pro-cam girl evening! Trust me it's waaay different doing this for your Master who owns you and loves you and you are collared for than to a client who may or may not dig you and both times a) there truthfully was a little technical difficulty on the first call but we got about nine minutes in and then b) the second call I may have been a little too into my submission who knows maybe I did nothing wrong.

That's the thing about being on cam for a complete stranger. In the past it was for my Master and then there was some more extensive service but all with the high protocol of lifestyle consensual slavegirl. My interim Master hypnotized me on cam even after all the routines I had of being used on cam by my first Master. Edit: and they would reward me by telling me what a good girl i was etc … not all clients are going to bother to do that, hey?

So what I mean is I have learned to wait until I am directed to do as told. And I realize that some clients will need me to be more pro-active. It's not a diss on them. And it's not a diss on me. We just have different experiences and are coming (cumming?) from different places.

So I ran in and asked Dr Suzy for a pair of panty hose and the client said it was fine to keep the time running. He was really nice. He seemed appreciative of the turquoise green panty hose and that I am smooth up to my waist …

It's been quite a night. Seemingly tons of calls right now. The phone is ringing as we speak. I'm almost quitting my day job! Thank you to the callers and webcam clients tonight you truly make my day. I want to serve you. I want to provide what you want.

I am freshly shaved and showered and moisturized in my sundress and bikini.

I have on lip gloss and brushed my hair.

I'll give you a little hint. I am a trained consensual slavegirl so what that means is all you have to do is say "Strip slave" and I would take it all off and kneel for you and present meaning ass forward or in nadu.

If you don't say that, my training is not to strip. I realize this might not get me very far in the cam business but possibly if I blog and share this, those Men out there who are curious or learning protocols for their Dominant portfolio … will begin to understand they truly need to direct their sluts!!!

I hope this cheers you up tonight and that everyone is having a very light and forgiving Yom Kippur. I love you each and every one and want the very best for you… you, my clients do indeed make my tight little pussy wet. And I am never happier than when you call me and work me very hard…


PS-If you liked this post, please call me now--Chelsea Demoiselle--at the Dr Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts and Sciences 310-568-0066.

Catch Me While I'm New & Greeeeen

Yes, a lifestyle submissive who loves it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Early Days at Bonoboville

I am having so much fun.

I love my new job as a phone therapist at the Dr Susan Block institute. (310-568-0066) Please ask for me and I will tell you about my five years as a lifestyle submissive … or we can create our own fantasy story to revel in together!

BTW you can join and interact with all the resident bonobo folks there … perks are you can watch Dr Susan M Block's Saturday night live webcam show from the "studio" tab …

All this ? Yes, there's a small fee of $4.95 a month but if you're a starving artist they even have an option for you!