Friday, June 12, 2015

HOUSE OF PAIN: Notes Part1

What a shame. I've just run out of pages to read in "House of Pain" by Monique von Cleef.

I devoured that book though I didn't allow myself the not-guilty pleasure for months.
  •  Monique is telling a visitor about her life while nonchalantly commanding her male slave to crawl into the next room in subservient position and activity...
  • She tells her guest of her life as a young nurse, her failed experiments at lesbianism, and the first escapades-- stories of sexual encounters from hospital to massage parlour, which become--from an early client--cash tips to "buy flowers" and later a livelihood and independence
  • She describes the first time her sophisticated friend Gonda in London, introduced her to whipping her first slave and the high that came over her. "I knew you were like that" her friend said. She had to stop the girl from overdoing it past the ten lashes with a whip with nails on it... her slave's ass dripping with blood.
  •  Her inadvertent courtship and marriage to an insanely wealthy and soon to be discovered INSANELY sadistic, cruel, twisted-of-the-twisted with a schoolboy-torture and catholic-clergy-seduction fetish living in an extensive estate, all too late realizing their neighbor is Marquis de Sade--fitting as it turns.
  • How she finds independence and gets a piece American pie--her highend clientele and their unlikely fetishes-- and the dog she's always wanted (ha ha).
  • Her police raid and detailed courtroom proceedings and outcome
  • Grand fucking finale, anti-climactic climax ...
Monique Von Cleef is one of the earliest documented grand dames of erotic torture and fetish and an  astute businesswoman.

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