Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Approach to Recovery with Chelsea of Bonoboville!


 for empowerment...?

 in a

12-Step setting?

Join us in a healthy eco-sexy recovery the bonobo way ... X ~Chels


 to spring free...? 

from the 

old paradigms



and mental health?

MAYBE something's not quite sitting right (but not because you're "in denial") with the white male-centric Big Book of #AlcoholicsAnonymous even though much of it could be translated to the modern world? I'm talking a day-by-day female empowerment, GBTLQ, fetish, ethical hedonism style; and an environmentally intelligent model...

Healthy mood-enhancing cacao elixirs could be part of your recovery!

Do you long for and INTUITIVELY KNOW you and other humans could thrive within harmony?

Then head over to my exciting cutting edge group at Bonoboville online and create a profile gratis!

Join my new group based on the rave-reviewed and world-shaking concepts of "The Bonobo Way" by sexologist and HBO talk show fame Dr Susan Block...where you will also instantly have free access to her livestreaming world-renowned TV show!

Become a pillar of the international #GoBonobos community while also growing at lightening speed within the working community of other like-minded individuals who find balance and a healthy lifestyle which also serves their soul's true north.

I bring my #ecosex #veganism flair to the table: views my own.

Oh and by the way, I personally am not only directly mentored for two years by Dr Block as a resident therapist (and award-winning "bonobo-in-the-field" of the 2015 TheSUZYs) at the Dr Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts and Sciences, I am a holistic practitioner with over 3600hrs of certified training and certifications nationally, but also an addictions counselor intern with over 23 years experience in the recovery community and academic community... My favorite tools though in conjunction w/ The Bonobo Way 12 Steps, are the expertise I have in reiki, craniosacral therapy, rawfoods and I'm a former vegan cafe owner, vegan chef, coach, mentor and advocate for weight loss, anti-aging, reversing diabetes and how to heal anything including ED and depression?

Step12 TBW: Making the world a better place is part of a happy long-lasting recovery!
Sound like a lot? I just want you to know that I am available in the group for tips and recipes which I feel potentially greatly add for example a "potatoes not prozac" approach... everyone is welcome though and don't worry no preaching allowed! XOXO and remember Dr Suzy and #CaptMax are founders so we are all privy to messaging them any time in Bonoboville!

So join me and let's get started today!!!!!!!! :)


We use these books together! Virtual meetings TBA!!!
Access to community & daily thoughts of DrSuzy and #CaptMax at!

Let my #ecosex #rawfood calm & peace wash over your soul in the #12StepTBW group on!
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